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My Beach Report is an ocean adventure educational show hosted by teens for teens. Emphasis is centered on environmental stewardship and teaching children how they can make a valuable impact on marine ecosystems.

The My Beach Report television series features half hour TV episodes and 3-6 minute web-based vignettes hosted by teen students and young marine scientists. Expert advisors and educators, as well as world-renowned marine scientists like Dr. Sylvia Earle, Dr Richard “Ricky” Grigg and Dr. Anthony Andrady, appear on camera endorsing the integrity and accuracy of our content.

The focus for the first season of My Beach Report directly aligns with the mission of PlanSEA.org by producing and distributing low-barrier educational content about the marine environment to students nationwide and worldwide.

In February of 2009, PlanSEA.org made history by becoming the first video content provider for the Ocean in Google Earth project. PlanSEA.org continues to provide My Beach Report segments for the Google Oceans project with the potential of reaching more than one billion Google Earth subscribers.

My Beach Report : Hawaiian Monk Seals visit Waikiki Beach

Lena and Ela Ohlson of Hawaiimana.com host an episode of Plan Sea TV for Kids. This segment features two Hawaiian Monks Seal named Erma and Kermit. They frequent the beaches on several of the islands. This particular day I waiting on the beach for 7 hours as I anticipated them to enter the water trying to get unique shot. They finally decided to enter about an hour after dark. It was still a nice day at the beach and I managed to get a few action shots. Monk Seals are an endangered species so if you ever get an opportunity to see them in this environment, please observe them from a safe distance. To the SEA! Ray Hollowell

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